Thursday, August 28, 2008

The many faces of Nathan

Nathan has been up to a lot these last few months. Most recently, he started pushing his car around standing up! He crawls all over the house and has to constantly be under our feet no matter what we are doing, yes, even when we are in the bathroom! He likes me to chase him around the house and as I'm following him on my knees, he turns around to see if I'm coming and starts crawling faster and laughing really loudly. He loves to eat whenever and whatever we're eating and spends lots of time in his high chair trying out new finger foods and spitting out ones he doesn't like. Watermelon and ham are a few of his favorites and we just discovered so are raspberries. A few days ago, I went with some friends from my ward to pick fresh fruit at a farm. We picked fresh peaches and raspberries. I put Nathan in my front carrier, and each time I picked a raspberry and put it in the carton Nathan would use his cute pudgy fingers and pick it out and eat it. He soon discovered how to pick them off the branches himself. And at the end of the activity, his face, hands, feet and clothes were covered in raspberry juice and seeds. He looked adorable! I wish I brought a camera with me, but alas, it is enough just to pack me and the baby and a lunch and a diaper bag and get us out the door. The visual is pretty great though. He has been mimicking us lately too. When we say "mama" or "daddy" he makes sounds that resembles those words. He mimics us reading to him as well. If we catch him alone with a book, he is reading to himself and making up all kinds of different words. He mimics our faces too. He started doing this face where he squinches up his nose and tightens his lips and then sticks his chin out really far- it's really funny. When we do it, he does it back at us. I can't believe he is already 10 months old- he is changing more and more each day and is so much fun!