Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kids are funny!

Yesterday, Nate came into the kitchen with a blanket over his head and said "Mom, I a ghost, a holy ghost!"- well, like Dad said, at least we know he likes friendly ones:)

Kaitlyn can say 3 words, "mom" (in several different forms), "dank ew "(thank you when she's giving us something, usually), and "hi, hi" (when she's talking to Nate). After I changed her diaper, she got up and ran away from me as I was chasing her naked bum and then she proceeded to crawl upstairs, giggling the whole way. She saw Nate and said "hi, hi" in a very guilty tone. That little stinker.Yeah I could have caught her, but she was too darn proud of herself for escaping. Luckily, there were no accidents.

She also takes after me, according to Mom, and loves to sing in the car. She gets very upset when we arrive at our destimation (Nate's word, not a typo) because the music stops playing. At the end of each kid song she sings "ahh" because Nate and I like to say "yeehaw" after a lot of them. It's pretty cute. She even does it if Nate and I don't. They seem to have some country flavor for some reason.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

House Pics!

Our Room!


Kaityln's Room

Nate's Room


Living Room

Dining Room

Backyard (someday we'll have grass!)

I finally got around to taking pics of our house! I still want to stencil the kids rooms, but I'm waiting until Doree comes to visit to help me:0) She's the expert and I'm too chicken to do it myself. I will also post pics of the basement once we get that painted.

Maine Trip!

Coming Soon!!!!

Washington Trip!

Coming soon!!!!