Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ocean City

Well, we finally decided to write about other exciting things in our lives besides our baby. He is doing very well, by the way, and is growing and moving right on schedule. Andrew and I were able to take a few days off, after I was done with school, to go to the beach. We were not expecting much from a beach in Maryland, coming from Hawaii, but we were pretty impressed with Ocean City. We stayed in a $90 hotel that seemed like it might cave in on us because it was so old, but we were in a good location at the South end of the boardwalk. We got there on a Thursday morning after only 3 hours of driving and went straight to the beach. It was gorgeous! The sand was really fine and the weather was perfect. When we got really hot, we decided to jump in the water. The water was not what we expected and it was freezing cold! We blew up some rafts and decided to float around instead of swimming. After getting yelled at by the lifeguards that we were too close to the pier, we sunbathed for awhile. That night, after getting plenty of sun and R&R, we decided to try out the local favorite restaurant- Seacrets. The atmosphere was fun because all of the tables and chairs were in the sand, and some stools were even in the ocean for people to sit at. Although we had to move 3 times to get away from smoke (I'm really anal about that because of my sweet baby), our waitress finally found us and gave us our "Jamaican food". It wasn't very authentic, but it was fun. After dinner, we walked along the boardwalk for a bit, got ice cream, and rode on the ferris wheel. We also walked along the pier and on the nice cool sand. The night life there goes on for awhile, but we decided to call it a night. Our hotel was right next to the carnival rides, so we decided we would find a movie to watch on TV since sleeping was out of the question. The next day, we woke up bright and early to head for the beach again. Another lovely day at the beach. We then walked along the boardwalk to get their famous ice cream and boardwalk fries! MMmmm good! I have never had better fries in my life- you put apple cider vinegar on them instead of ketchup and they are amazing!!!! We also walked a bit down the boardwalk to "people watch" and we saw an ambulance pick up a young guy off of the beach who had an injury from "surfing" (the waves are not very big) and we saw a wedding right on the beach! We give Ocean City an A! That was our first summer adventure for 2007. Stay tuned for more. Also, check out more PICTURES on our Picasa Web Album, and see the new section on our sidebar with links to all our picture albums.


Emily said...

Hurray for a new post! I am so happy that you guys got to get away. Ocean city is a great place for a quick vacation. I looked at your pics and we had one of those rapidly melting ice creams cones too. But I wish we would have tried that restaurant. Looks festive. Yes, we should hang out. Tomorrow...wacky six? Family relations class has suddenly ended. We are free!

Bean said...

Hey I think it's time for another profile shot of Molly's shapely belly!