Monday, June 28, 2010

Doubled Our Family

Our sweet children are the highlight of our lives! We find so much joy and humor in their little personalities. It is definitely fun to watch them grow and change so much. Nate is talking in complete sentences these days, we can't always understand what he says and sometimes it sounds like a foreign language, but his speech is really taking off. He loves to ask questions and often says, "Mom, what you doing?" expecting me to then ask him what he's doing to which he will reply "I helping daddy" or "I reading books." He likes to "help" daddy do yard work and is very flattered when our new neighbor boys ask if he can play (they are 4 and 6) and he loves playing with older kids because they can handle his rough housing. He also loves the park, baking, play dates, the beach, and our new GPS. He always asks to see "Nate's car" on the GPS screen and gets a kick out of the lady who tells us to "turn left" or "right." He often tries to guess where she is going to tell us to turn. He is a great big brother, although he still doesn't understand why he can't wrestle with his baby sister. He likes to feed KK and make sure she gets enough water. He will also "trade" toys with her and if she is napping asks "Happen kk?" He usually answers his own question and says "she's up,up, upstairs"- he doesn't stutter, he just likes emphasizing words by saying them 3 times. Oh, and I almost forgot, he loves to sing! He sings in church and opens up the hymn book. The other week, Andrew and I had to crack up because he sang the last phrase at the top of his lungs and held out the last note, almost in tune with the rest of the congregation! He is my wild, but really sweet little boy.

Our little Kaitlyn, who goes by KK thanks to Nate, turned 1 this last week! I can't believe it. Time just flies by. She is just as feisty as her older brother because she has to hold her own with him, but cute as a button. She is pulling up really well and is a super crawler. She can also climb up slides and is a daredevil on Nate's roller coaster. She leans forward with her arms stretched out. She still sucks her thumb, which is adorable, and eats anything we put in front of her, especially popcorn and frozen blueberries. We are so blessed to have her!


Emily said...

I miss those cute kids!

Doree said...

Such a cute little family you have! I love Nate in that picture where he's dressed up. What a handsome little kid ya got there!

Rust Family said...

I'm sure Nate will be super amazing at singing since you and Andrew are both so great. I love that he is already sharing his voice. I'm sure it is chocolate to everyones' ears. :)