Sunday, July 31, 2011

May- Mother's Day, Maine, and My Mane!

As always, I'm behind in my blogging, so here are some quick updates:

In May, we celebrated Mother's Day! I'm so grateful to my sweet mom for loving me and believing in me and being such a creative and wonderful person!!! LOVE YOU MOM:) Andrew spoiled me by making me fancy chicken roll-ups, asparagus, and the most amazing raspberry dark chocolate tart you can imagine! The kids made me a card and got me flowers. My family is so good to me! I truly love being a mom, even though those adorable kiddos of mine test my patience time and time again. They bring me so much joy and I love them so much!

Nate also had his end of the year preschool party. He had a great time with his buddy Nathan. How could they not be friends, having the same name and all? They are rascals together, but cute:)

Nate had his first father/son campout, and Andrew said he did great! The report that was mostly he just chased his buddies around with a flashlight. He also enjoyed the tree swing, s'mores, and fireside where they mentioned Joseph Smith.

I decided I needed a change, and went from this ponytail look:

To this: (I loved it at first, but miss my long hair sometimes- it does feel good for the summer, though:)

At the end of the month, we went to Maine for my niece's 6th birthday. We've been meaning to go for the last several years for her b-day, and finally made it this year! She had a lively pirate themed party on the beach, and my sister and I came up with a treasure hunt for the kiddos. They had to dig up their buried treasure that my brother so mischeviously buried. The cousins love playing together, and they spent almost all their time in Riley and Dash's new playground. We also enjoyed going to the zoo with Aunt Doree!

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