Sunday, August 7, 2011

J'elaxin' in July

July has been busy because we've been playing a lot! Our little family went to Waterworks, the local waterpark. I got a discount for being an employee of parks and rec, and they told me I got 1/2 off for my whole family b/c I was a part-time employee, so we got in for $9! I tried to explain to him that it didn't make sense for me to get more of a discount than full time employees (technically only the employee, not their family, is supposed to get the discount), but he wouldn't listen, so it wasn't worth arguing over. Anyways, we had a great time swimming, splashing in the fountains, going on the waterslides, and having a picnic. Andrew and I would take turns with the kids so we could go on the big water slides- I can't remember the last time I went on one. The kids also loved jumping in from the side, and actually preferred the bigger pool to the kiddie play area. We also brought a picnic and enjoyed it outside of the waterpark (they held our food for us at the front). It wasn't too crowded either and the kids were both in great moods, so that always helps!

Kaitlyn loved carrying around and buckling all of the lifejackets.
Kaitlyn was modeling in the water and loved laying back in it!
For the 4th of July, we got up early and took our decorated bikes to the church for the annual pancake breakfast. We did a flag ceremony, ate delicious pancakes and eggs, had a bike parade, played some games (including bean bag tosses, balancing eggs on a spoon, and the three legged race), and the kids got their faces painted.

In the evening, we had some friends over for a bbq and to light off some of our own fireworks. Nate found a "shark" firework at the stand and enjoyed throwing the snappers at my feet. He also liked the snakes. Kaitlyn was a little freaked out by the noisy fireworks, even though we didn't have any that whistled or anything. After everyone left, we tried to get over to the Montclair fireworks at the lake but saw everyone walking away from the lake when we arrived. Apparently they started the fireworks 20 minutes earlier. This is the 3rd year in a row we have not seen professional fireworks!!! I was totally bummed and so was Nate, but overall, we had a very eventful and enjoyable 4th. Happy Birthday Country!


Aww, I love you too Nate!
4th of July trifle! YUMMY:)

doing sparklers for the first time!
watching fireworks
lighting snakes
Mid-month, we had a "Maryland reunion" with some of our friends from Maryland. We really feel like they are family and when we haven't seen each other for awhile, we pick back up where we left off. We had 8 adults here and 18 kids. We met here for a bbq and then everyone found a room to change in for the lake. It felt like the movie, "Home Alone" with people everywhere all trying to rush out to get somewhere. One minute the house was chaos, and the next everyone was piled in their cars ready to go. I loved having a full house! My kids didn't know what to think and had several meltdowns, but calmed down once we got to the lake. We caravaned over to the lake, with 4 minivans following us. We then spent the afternoon catching up and playing in the sun. It was a great little reunion and we feel so blessed that everyone was able to come visit!

We took up a lot of the beach!

the guys

the gals

our very full house!

Kaitlyn was unsure about the whole day!

Us girls goofing around on the platform- the husbands had the kids, so why not?

now she's happy!

Some of our Maryland friends, the Robinsons were not able to make it to the reunion b/c they have their hands full with triplets! We went on a double date to catch up with them, and tried out the new Serendipity that is in Georgetown. We ate yummy sandwiches and huge sundaes and had great conversation. We even walked along "m" street and went in some of the trendy stores. We also went to the waterfront and saw the Kennedy center. We definitely need to go on dates more, and it was really fun being in a hip enivironment like Georgetown, b/c most of my life is spent cleaning up crumbs and wiping bums, even though I do love my life, don't get me wrong! It's just nice to have couple time and adult conversation. Thanks for the fun date Robinsons!

Emily got mac and cheese and I got an open face turkey sandwich with apples, chives, swiss, and raspberry mayo
our incredible sundae!

a fountain across from the Kennedy center


Doree said...

Yay for blog updates! I love Nate's "Mom" tat, haha, that cracks me up.

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Emily said...

Dumb comment spammers!

I love all these posts. That picture of KK laying in the water cracked me up. You have really trained those kids to be water-lovers! You guys had so much fun last month. We had such a great time at Serendipity. It's true that a fun night out with friends is great for a mommy's soul. And the delicious dessert doesn't hurt either! Hope to see you again soon!

Anonymous said...

First you cheat your way into the waterpark, then you ignore the poor boy from Haiti. Your morals are slipping moooly:(

Doree said...

I think I know who that second anonymous comment came from...starts with J, ends in ake.