Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Spring!

It is so nice to be able to enjoy the new Spring weather! I am so excited that winter is officially over and we can enjoy the warm sunshine and beautiful blooming blossoms. My parents came to
visit and we went downtown to see the Cherry Blossoms. We were so excited because after living here for 2 Cherry Blossom seasons we finally got to see them in full bloom (the last two years they were already green when we had a chance to see them). Nathan took some picturesque poses for us and of course he makes the Cherry Blossoms look even better!
Another Spring activity that you can only do in DC is The White House Egg Roll. We had some really nice friends (thanks Robinsons!) spend the night the Friday night before to get tickets for them and some extra for us. Nathan, my mom, and I were able to go along with our friend Emily. We met other friends (Courtney and her baby Spencer) and church members there. They had fun activities such as Easter egg dying (we were allowed to dye one egg), egg hunting, egg rolling, and taking pictures with cartoon characters and in front of the White House of course. We mostly observed what was going on. We took some pics of Nate in his blue bunny ears with some characters, but figured he didn't really care about participating so we just watched the other kids. We did do the Egg Roll just so we could get a good picture right in front of the White House as we were standing in line. By the time we got in line, however, Nate was asleep so I participated in the Egg Roll for him and got the egg down the lawn with my spoon in 2 sweeps. It was fun, but extremely crowded! It is fun to say that we did it, but just like Time Square at New Years, I think it is something I will only do once! For more pics, see our picassa Web album, Happy Spring!

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Emily said...

I love Nate's photo shoot. You guys were so brave to go down town for the blossoms. We always have a mind to, but always chicken out when we hear about all the mayhem that is going on down there. I'm glad your parents got to see them too.