Sunday, November 8, 2009

A dance concert

Andrew bought me tickets to see the "So you think you can dance" dance concert for my birthday in Baltimore at the First Mariner Arena. We didn't realize the date was so close to our U2 concert, so we got to have 2 really cool dates within a few weeks. My mom came to babysit, and this time I wasn't as nervous to leave the kids. They were fine last time, so it would be ok this time too. Besides, my mom loves them so much so it was good for her to get in some grandkid time.

We brought our binoculars because our seats were pretty high, but we were in the middle section, so we had a good view. It is amazing to see how much energy these dancers have. They also have incredible strength and extensions. I couldn't believe how high they could jump. I watched part of "Chorus Line" from the first level because I was using the bathroom and didn't get back to my seat in time, and I was amazed by their talent close-up. They had commentary in between their dances, and that was pretty corny, but it is definitely more fun to see them dance in real life than on TV. Andrew and I both felt that they were like teenagers on a field trip without a chaperone because none of the judges were there. It felt kind of like they were just goofing around, but they were still professional. I still really liked Janine, but Evan was a lot more relaxed on tour and did his solo ten times better. I really liked the Baliwood routine this time around and the classical ballet, which is funny, because I'm usually not that into ballet. I also liked the We had a great time and it got me pumped up for my polynesian dance performance on Saturday. Here is a video of part of one of our favorite routines- the bank robbers jazz routine by Brandon & Jeanette. It was with our camera and the lights were really bright, so the quality isn't the greatest.

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